Mama’s Got a Brand New Bag

New Year’s was fantastic – we went to Savannah, and rang in 2014 with fireworks on the beach. I always stop by the Marc by Marc Jacobs store when I’m in town; I picked up a cute pair of loafers for 70% off, but this gorgeous baby literally took my breath away when I saw it.

It’s just a pouch – that’ it – no pockets or anything; but it’s really clever in that it’s styled just like a bank pouch. You know, the kind you make deposits in? It also has two keys, so it actually works. I will most likely swap out the key chain for a red ribbon and a little pop of color.

My husband nicely reminded me to be careful when I carry it – lest people assume I’m carrying a wad of cash.  I’m not terribly worried about it. When I see the Marc Jacobs bank bag, all I see is a unique clutch I’ll carry around forever.

Marc By Marc Jacobs bank bag


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