How to Survive Black Friday Sales

Welcome to Thunderdome. It’s cutthroat for the day after Thanksgiving sales, and you need to be prepared.

1. Buy the Thanksgiving paper. This may sound obvious, but having a hard copy of the sales and coupons can be invaluable, and can shorten your time in line. Read all restrictions and exclusions.

2. Research, research, research. Know exactly what model you want, and do all price comparisons beforehand. It may not be worth waiting in line for 2 hours to save just $10.

3. Get what you can online. More and more retailers are offering the same Black Friday deals online.

4. Travel with the right people. A well-organized group can be a thing of beauty. Consolidate all the lists, and then give each person a portion of the master list to minimize the amount of time you each have to wait in line.¬†Or, one person can wait in check-out lines while the other shops for deals. Make sure you have your each other’s cell phone number, though, so you can stay in contact.

5. Bring snacks. The food court in the mall is going to be packed. Take a bottle of water, and an energy bar to keep you going.

6. Have the right attitude. Retail workers are just doing their jobs, and most likely sacrificed part of their Thanksgiving so they could work. Be as patient as you can, and know that you will be out of there soon; they most likely still have to have to work a full shift. So be nice.

7. Know that if you didn’t get what you wanted on Black Friday, there is always Cyber Monday.

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