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My grandfather was a photographer for the Amsterdam News during the famous Harlem Renaissance period, and my grandmother often was his model. Their home was filled with vintage clothes, housewares and boxes and boxes of pictures.

My favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon was to sit at their knee and ask them a million questions about that time…where did you get this ashtray? When did you wear this dress? I love those earrings, Nana, did PopPop buy them for you??

That is where my love of all things vintage was born.

I made my first purchase of vintage clothing from an estate sale when I was 15 (a buttercup yellow vintage dress). I’ve been passionate about all things vintage ever since.

Some of my happiest times have been spent hunting for treasure..I enjoy and appreciate each and every item I find. And I LOVE offering my finds to people who love vintage as much as I do.

Lucky Elephant


When this little beauty came into the shop, I had to learn more about it. I knew it was from Josef Originals, and knew it was made in the 80s, but had no idea that an elephant was considered lucky in feng shui.

Protection, good luck, wisdom and fertility are the  feng shui energies created by the symbol of elephant. Lucky elephants usually are crafted with the trunk up, as this symbolizes the showering of good luck.

I’m putting this little guy in a prominent place until he goes off to his new home…wish me luck!