Winter Round Up: Venus in Fur

I love the way the woman in the painting is ready for ANYTHING. Bring on the bad weather. It was 19 degrees this morning, and I’ve been digging through my pile of scarves. I used to have a cozy orange faux fur scarf, but I can’t find it anywhere. I’m going to assume one of my daughters borrowed it, and buy another. I like Anthropologie’s the best, but the Asos and C.Wonder one’s are worth consideration.
Anthropologie Broglie Faux-Fur Cowl • Anthropologie
ASOS Faux Fur Funnel Snood – Natural • Asos
Ivory Faux Fur Scarf • C. Wonder

Art as Inspiration: Erdem Spring Summer RTW 2015


Erdem source, Photo: Yanni Vlam

Photo: Yanni Vlam

Erdem source, Photo: Yanni Vlam

Photo: Yanni Vlam


Erdem source, Photo: Yanni Vlamos /

Photo: Yanni Vlamos /

These white dresses from Erdem’s Spring 2015 show just scream “summer afternoon”.  Inspiration is Mary Cassatt’s Young Woman Sewing in a Garden.

Red is the Color of Love: The Little Red Dress



Drop-waist dresses fall into tricky territory: it can either be fabulously slouchy or a sad potato sack. The trick is to make sure the drop waist begins at the right part of your hipbone. Too high, and it’s too flouncy, too low and it’s matronly.

J Crew Crepe Drop-Waist Dress,

Cream Colored

I’m in the mood for cream colored clothing. My lifestyle, however, doesn’t really allow for it. I can go for days, weeks even, without spilling anything on myself. But I wear something white? Bam. Spaghetti sauce spill on me. Every time.

But, my kids are older now, and I’m not getting grubby in my treasure hunting any more…I think I’ll add a few more white pieces to my wardrobe.

The chunky sweater by Just Cavalli is making my mouth water…. Continue reading

I Want to Be…Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin Biography

“Trying to grow up is hurting, you know. You make mistakes. You try to learn from them, and when you don’t, it hurts even more.”


Aretha Franklin Legacy Recordings

“I always felt rock and roll was very, very wholesome music.”

Aretha Franklin

“I’m a big woman. I need big hair.”

The look is about understated clothing, hair that is never too done, strong eyebrows and eyeliner. Oh, and confidence, because you know exactly what you bring to the table.


photo sources, MTV, and Legacy Recordings.


Vintage Shoes, high heel shoes, how to walk in heels

How To Walk In Heels – Baby Steps

Everyone has to start somewhere right? And no one wants to start in front of everyone.

Here are a few tricks of the trade.

1 – Make sure they fit, and make sure they are comfortable. It is infinitely harder to walk in heels that don’t fit or are uncomfortable.

2. Check the soles and heels to make sure they aren’t too sleek. Add sole protectors, if necessary.

3.  Stand up straight and engage your core. Chin up, shoulders back.

4. Take shorter strides. A longer gait can throw you off balance.

5. Know that the normal heel-toe walk you do in flats won’t always work in heels. It’s rather a ball/heel at-the-same-time motion.

6. Practice at home, while vacuuming. The handle will help you balance, and the simple front/back motion will give you an easy start.

7. Graduate to the grocery store (or any store with a cart). Use the cart as a balance, as the floor at the store is likely slicker than your floor at home. Tip: park next to the cart caddy in the parking lot, so you can use the cart to walk in and out of the store.


Investment Dressing, pt 2


Not everything you buy needs to be an investment. Actually, there are some pieces where it’s better NOT to spend a lot.

Here’s what you should spend money on:

A simple dress, pants and skirt. Simple clothing can’t hide bad construction. The more bells and whistles you add to a clothing, the easier it is to disguise poor work. Spend here on these basics, because you can pair them with less expensive items to elevate your whole look.

Classic shoes. Spend money on classic shoes in colors you will wear with items you already own. Make sure they fit well and offer great support.

Jackets and coats. Fit matters here just as much as construction. You will most likely have to spend a bit of money to have it fit exactly where it should

Here’s what you should save on:

T-shirts that will be hidden under layers or jackets.

Anything in trendy, of the moment colors.

But! If your style is on trend right now: bohemian, bold, tomboy… This is where you can find little statment pieces that are totally you. You will wear it forever, while others move on to the next trend.