Gift Guide for Lovers of Starry Night

You know the type…always wishing upon a star, not believing (but secretly reading) horoscopes. Give the gift of the heavens on earth.


Prerogatives Sterling Yellow & Blue Italian Murano Glass Bead • Murano
Zad Fashion Inc. Undeniable Star Quality Bracelet – ModCloth
Moon and Lola Acrylic Zodiac Constellation Charm on Apex Chain • Charm & Chain
Moon and Lola Acrylic Zodiac Constellation Ring • Charm & Chain

Gift Guide for Vincent Van Gogh

Gifts for Vincent Van Gogh’s Self Portrait.
Ear muffs (of course-can’t have the other ear getting cold) dry shampoo specifically for red hair and some calming massage oil.
Elemis ‘De-Stress’ Massage Oil • Elemis
Batiste Hint of Color Dry Shampoo • Batiste
Pendleton Ear Muff • Pendleton