I’ve been the shy, mousy girl in a corner and the laughing girl dancing on tables – a vegetarian and a shameless carnivore – a preppy, headband-wearing schoolgirl and a oversize shirt-wearing grunge girl . My style now is minimalist with a bit of tomboy chic. I wear what I want, when I want, I know the rules, I break the rules, and I won’t buy anything l don’t absolutely love. I’ve traveled the world, and have found favorites in church basements in Rome, flea markets in Paris and old casinos in Las Vegas. I love the absurd as much as I appreciate the tasteful. It makes me understand the value of value of looking beneath the surface for hidden treasure…to find the loveliness in the unexpected…and to cherish these pieces of history and appreciate their beauty.

A B O U T   M E

My name is Erica; and I’ve been described as discerning and loyal by my friends – stubborn and picky my enemies. I sometimes curse but am well-mannered enough to occasionally feel bad about it. While I was born in Brooklyn, NY, I was raised in southern Indiana…I moved about a bit and now live in the US South. I am the literary equivalent of Indiana Jones, constantly on the hunt for the best words to pair with the proper emotion. I love a well-mixed Tom Collins, scary (but not too scary) movies, singing along to cheesy pop music and every type of tulip…and I tend to overuse the ellipsis.


I write, all the time. But I also love scouring the web for stirring pieces for the literary nomad.  I am a bit of a magpie when it comes to collecting information: everything interests me and nothing will stop me when I’m fascinated with my subject! Especially fashion, art, home, film and photography.

Thanks for stopping by to see what has been catching my eye lately.


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